Charity Initiatives

Follow Your Love was born out of Murad and Natalia Osmann’s romance, pure and true. They didn’t want a tainted diamond to symbolize their everlasting bond. After research it became clear there was only one way to be 100% sure a diamond is conflict free. The answer was a lab grown diamond, but it didn’t stop there.  They wanted to start a company that not only prevents the negative effects of mining diamonds but also creates opportunities for those in need. This is how MANMADE for MANKIND began. 

Proceeds of sales will be committed to a charity organization. Currently we are partnering with The Adventure Project, a non-profit organization “adding venture” capital to create jobs in developing countries. They provide the tools and training for men and women to learn how to sell livesaving products or services to their communities, earning commissions from every sale. From training well mechanics, who fix broken wells, to educating community health workers, who revolutionize healthcare in Africa, your support transforms the lives of entrepreneurs and the communities they serve.


Take a look at how your purchase impacts mankind:


$400 donation will provide 1 person with clean water in Uganda

$5,000 donation will provides a farmer with access to irrigation in Kenya

$7,500 donation will enables a health care promoter to treat 300 people in Uganda

$15,000 donation will creates one lifesaving job in a developing country

$20,000 donation will provides a job for a health care promoter in Uganda


Learn more about The Adventure Project here.